The Following represents what we stand for.

(a) to build and grow a sustainable Australian Mead industry through maintaining and improving the
quality of Mead produced and marketed in Australia.
(b) to represent the interests of Australian Mead makers on national and international
issues affecting the Mead industry through a single organisation
(c) to encourage good practice and standards of Mead making, professional and technical
development, and information sharing within the Australian Mead industry
(d) to actively promote the Mead industry and create marketing opportunities and
strategies to assist producers to grow their businesses
(e) to encourage unanimity of opinion and action amongst Members in all national and international
matters pertaining to the Australian Mead Industry.
(f) to initiate legislative or other regulatory activity, or government response or action, or otherwise
facilitate any outcomes, deemed desirable by the Association for the benefit of the Mead
industry in Australia
(g) to educate consumers about all styles of Mead production and responsible consumption
(h) to administer funds collected from Members in support of the activities and objects of the
(i) to provide relevant information to Members.
(j) to promote the interests of the Association and to do all such other lawful things as the
Association may consider incidental or conducive to the attainment or advancement of the
objects of the Association.

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