Hunter and the Harp

Hunter and the Harp Hunter and the Harp

Hunter and the Harp is the brainchild of entrepreneur; Joel Robinson, who believes that Australians are curious enough and acutely aware of themselves that they want to try new, exciting and innovative things. This lead to the idea of modern Australian made mead. We believe in SUSTAINABILITY- We wan’t the future generations to have an environment healthier, more productive, more beautiful and finally less degrading than the one we currently live in. COMMUNITY- We will promise to source products and equipment from local producers and manufactures in the community. We believe that supporting the local economy is paramount to the success of our business and in turn, will receive the locals support. Hunter is the name of our 1st born boy. The Harp comes from the name our 2nd child; Harper who’s 16 months younger than Hunter. Hunter and the Harp reflect that core value that any one is welcome. We specialise in making meads unlike any you’ve ever experienced. We make meads that suit the Australian climate, that reflect our country and suit our culture. Modern Australian made mead by Hunter and the Harp.

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