Aurum Mead

Aurum Mead

Aurum aims to pioneer a change in the way mead is perceived in the fine beverage industry.
Balancing the aromatics of honey foraged sustainably by bees with the fermented complex character of yeasts and unique native Australian ingredients, these wines are refreshing and sophisticated, and promise to please the most conservative and discerning of palates.
Aurum’s range of meads includes styles reminiscent of a blanc de blanc champagne, a dry sauvignon blanc, a complex chardonnay, and the signature off-dry blush sparkling rosé, the “Rose Gold”. Artisinal honey and sustainably sourced botanicals combine to create subtle and elegant aromatics and flavours. Rare fruit-based reds, dessert meads and Pet Nats will also be part of Aurum’s range, all founded on the various types of Australian honey carefully selected by the meadmaker.
Each mead has been crafted to pair beautifully with food or as an aperitif, making them the perfect candidate to enjoy for that special occasion or on the finest of dining tables.

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